Spiritual alchemy is the practice of learning to free yourself from self-destructive beliefs and patterns in order for you to recognize your inner being and accept who you are.  This self illuminated awareness is the ultimate state of awareness – the gold – of spiritual alchemy.  It assists you with identification of the traits and special gifts you possess and reconnects you with your original  I AM self.  Through the use of powerful energetic synergies, these aromas guide your spirit to a place of ease and joy.  Based upon metaphysical properties and energies of the One Consciousness these blends are deeply powerful for use in the understanding of one’s own inner spirit and and soul nature.

Select either a Universal Synergy or have a Personal Synergy created for your  own spiritual and soul requirements.  All synergies are conceived in a meditative state with guidance from spiritual teachers, masters and ancestral knowledge.   These blends are formulated and energized with Reiki, Crystal and Sound Energies. They are bottled in specialty imported violet glass to preserve the bio-energies of these precious plants.


An Ascensa proprietary blend designed to balance and align the seven major energy centers in the body.   Based on traditional eastern philosophies; the chakras are the connection between the spiritual and the physical body.  In today’s hectic world it is common for our chakras and in turn our energy to become out of balance.

Guiding you through an exploration of your unique subtle body and individual energy currents, we learn to recognize our own imbalances or blockages.    Use the Chakra Align Synergy with the Energy Intention and Mantras to explore your inner knowledge and realign yourself into balance and healing. Ordering information.

A Spiritual PhytoEssence ™ blend designed to help spiritually sensitive individuals acknowledge and understand their own hero’s journey.    It will assist the individual to successfully navigate on an inner self level  journey.

The classic story time hero’s journey tale has three basic phases: a separation from the world;  a power or  quest to fulfill;  a hero’s return to  and a new enhanced life.

The spiritual hero’s journey phases are:  the awakening that there is something more to this existence;  the exploration of their true self and unconscious; and the achievement of illumination and recovery of their core soul knowledge.

In this blending method designed by Dr. Bruce Berkowski, your individual information (birthdate, astrological signs, family data, etc) are examined and correlated within a repertory of essential oils and crystals.  Through knowledge, insight, and Universal Consciousness,  a dynamic and deep acting blend is composed for the truly unique person you are.  The special blending, layering and charging of this powerful synergy requires one week.

Astrological Essential Oil Perfume

A custom formulated Astrological Essential Oil Perfume based upon your birthdate.   Your astral Sun, Moon and Ascending sign are calculated with an associated repertoire of essential oils .  An uniquely harmonic resonance blend is determined for your personal wellness.    A written summation of the synergy is provided with the perfume presented in high quality European Violet glass bottle with dropper.

Part dream catcher, part amulet, these aroma catchers are handcrafted to order.  Specially designed for the client they come with a custom crafted synergy blend to match the intent of the amulet.  Lava stone is used as the vessel to hold the vibration of an essence,  and then radiated within the web to disperse and enhance  the energetic quality of the piece.

Spice Wreath

Dragon Fly Totem


Forest bathing is the practice of taking a leisurely visit to a forest for health benefits. The activity originated in Japan, where it is called shinrin-yoku. Research has found that forest bathing decreases stress, improves mood states, increases immune response and feelings of relaxation.  Unable to get to a pine forest? Ascensa EverGreen Synergy will transport you there with this Forest Bathing Ritual for your home practice. The same essential constituents released by the trees are present in this coniferous blend of plant oils. Use EverGreen synergy to help fend off that stale recycled air from enclosed spaces, and the gloominess of staying indoors. Ordering information.