Pure Synergies & Aromatic Essences

For thousands of years civilization has been using the powerful energy of plants for medicinal and healing purposes.  Oil was used for the sick as well as applied to injuries. High-quality anointing oils, medicines, and fragrances that were created with pure ingredients had calming and therapeutic properties from the medicinal attributes of the natural plant extracts in them.

Today essential oils can be used in a similar fashion.  They aid in meditation to help focus the mind.  Some are used to fragrance the home;  or aid in cleansing the home with  their anti-microbial properties.  Others are used for the body – both cosmetically and holistically.  Ascensa is proud to offer a collection of pre-designed synergies (press here for a list)  to meet your general needs ;  or

Honour us to guide you in the invention and handcrafting of  your own synergy to meet your aspirations and fulfill your personal goals and challenges.

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We use European Violet Glass

Violet Glass is unsurpassed in preserving the life and vibrational properties of essential oils. This type of violet glass has been used alchemically since the age of Ancient Egypt to preserve substances.

The biophotonic technology of violet glass preserves, protects, and energizes the concentrated,  active formulations inside by filtering out the harmful rays of light . . .