The Ascensa Therapy Consultation

Aromatherapy and essential oil therapy have been used thru the centuries for both health and mental benefits.  Modern times have seen an influx in the use and availability of essential oils, particularly with consumers looking to “keep it natural” and avoid the use of man-made chemicals and toxins.

Whether your interest in essential oil is for health benefits or enjoyment, care and understanding must be undertaken to use them safely.   As a Registered Aromatherapist, Essential Oil Therapist and Clinical Aromatherapist, we provide that knowledge in our consultation with you.

We will listen to your concerns, your interests, your requests with a compassionate and caring attitude.  We will capture this information in a confidential patient document and based on your personal information, evaluate and recommend the proposed treatment and/or particular essential oil use.  We discuss and recommend protocols for use and application methods.   Each of these modalities have preferred target and delivery methods.  Our most popular are:

Once the synergy has been developed on paper  we then hand craft it.  All liquid products are bottled in European imported Violet Glass.   This glass is specifically manufactured to protect the bio-energy of the essential oils.  After packaging the synergy is left to rest in a ritual space for charging  and attuning its intention.

On delivery to you we will review the entire protocol of use,  how and when to use, and educate you on known personal contraindications.  At Ascensa Energy Essences our therapy consult will employ all methods available to provide you with the utmost lift in using essential oils to promote your lifestyle and well being.

Use Essential Oil Therapy to promote your personal lifestyle and well being. 

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We Believe And Support

Ascensa was born from a love and respect of nature and the aspiration for personal wellbeing. The elements of plant essential oils, and crystals are fused together to create products for expressions of health and harmony.

We believe a full and happy life is a blend of harmony in mind and harmony in body.

Inspired by the traditions and cultures of the past, and applying present day scientific knowledge, we forego mass synthesized products, and offer hand crafted, small batch, 100% purely natural products.

We source locally where possible and purchase from dealers that support small boutique farmers who provide the organic, wild-crafted and unusual essential oils.

When you are finished with your product please reuse these high quality bottles and jars in your own home.