Aromatherapy serums are used to treat a range of various conditions from therapeutic to cosmetic applications.  The selected synergy of essential oils are usually infused in a carrier oil compound. This application method can accommodate specific variables for therapeutic concentrations and strengths of components, considerations for the client’s age, current health contraindications and the frequency for which the product will be used.  The application area is often to pulse points: wrists, neck, behind the ears, reflexology points on the foot or acupressure points.

Ascensa’s most popular serums are:

LuvMySkin Booster Oil: a superhydrating facial serum

Flow Motion Extreme: an aide for anti-inflammatory and joint pain relief

Lip Balms & Scrubs

These all-natural ingredients go deep into skin cells and provide hydrating power for even the worst of drying weather conditions.

Experience true moisture with our natural lip butters, not the quick fix petroleum-based smear that commercial lip balms provide.  Ascensa natural lip butters were developed to offer clients true moisturizing results for the dry harsh winters in Calgary.

For those extra tough times a lip scrub can be used.  Not only do they effectively exfoliate the dead skin, but they are packed with super hydrating ingredients that help revive chapped lips.