Contact & Ordering Information

Due to new insurance restrictions the on-line store is currently unavailable.  Ascensa must now confer with clients before selling products directly from the web.   I am researching alternative insurance providers but as a small business this has it’s challenges.   We are still taking orders for items and are grateful that you will take the extra steps in acquiring them.  The ordering procedure is as follows;

  • Please contact Ascensa by email or mobile as indicated below.
  • Include your email information and the items for purchase.
  • Ascensa will send you an Invoice from the SQUARE software app.
  • Pay online by credit card with SQUARE secured site.
  • Ascensa will receive notification of payment – (or reply to invoice email with request to pay cash).
  • For orders under $50 we can arrange your curb-side pickup.

Free delivery for Calgary orders of $50

To place an order please contact:

[email protected]

or call/text