Passionate about Naturally Handmade Essential Oils, Diffusers and Body Balms?

Whether you are looking for a flexible part-time opportunity, want to work around the schedules of your busy family, or just want to be your own boss, becoming an Ascensa Energy Essences Independent Sales Consultant offers unlimited sales opportunities. All Made By Hand In Canada!

Freedom, Fun & Flexibility – Join Us!

How Does It Work?

Even if you’ve never sold a product before… Ascensa Energy Essences products make it easy. With a focus on natural ingredients and  high quality products made in Canada, home parties with Ascensa Energy Essences are the perfect solution for a girls’ night, birthday parties, bridal party, etc.

4 Steps to an Ascensa Experience:

  1. Find someone who wants to help you start out by hosting an aroma party. Reserve a date & time.
  2. The host will invite their friends & family as guests to their home.
  3. During the party you will provide explanations about the various products and all the guests will be encouraged to try them.
  4. Guests can place orders for different products that can be shipped directly to them.

How Much Will I Earn?

Earn up to 30% commission on personal sales and up to 30% discount on products!

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