Ascensa Room Mists

Whether it be the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or living room, you always want your house smelling great! 

Freshen the air while getting a wonderful and healing aromatherapy experience. 

Our room sprays are dye, chemical, and alcohol free, and contain 100% natural essential oils, giving you the purest aromatherapy and air freshening experience available.  

We Only Use Miron Violet Glass

Biophotonic technology preserves, protests, and energizes the concentrated, active formulations by filtering out the harmful rays of light . . .

Miron Violet Glass is unsurpassed in preserving the life of products such as homeopathic remedies, essential oils, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and herbal preparations. This type of violet glass was used alchemically in Ancient Egypt to preserve substances. Miron dark violet glass is aesthetically beautiful.

Room Mists

Forest Elemental Mist


Escape the noise and stress of the city.

Envision a majestic forest where the sweetness of orange, the woody, crisp notes of juniper and more.


Prosperity Mist


Create the flow of abundance with this essence formulated with Shiva Lingam for manifestation and Jade for new beginnings.

Time honored traditions are fulfilled using mandarin for good fortune, ginger to bring your plans and more.


Sleep Easy Mist


Drift away on the peaceful aromatic clouds of Clary Sage, Marjoram, Lemon and Vetiver.

The relaxing cradle of Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst lullaby you into comforting tranquility.


Spicey Chai Mist


Fill your home with classic holiday spices by using our Spicey Chai Mist. This chai aromatherapy mist freshens up the enviroment with it’s blend of spicy and sweet essential oils that’s perfect for Christmas!


Three Kings Mist


Specifically created to bring home the aroma of Christmas naturally!

Just flip your lid, and spray away! We hope you enjoy your 3 Kings Room Mist.

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When you are finished with your product please reuse these high quality bottles and jars in your own home.